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06-05-2008, 06:29 PM
Welcome those who are already playing Ikariam.

We are gonna put this together slowly. First who is who and such like that. And we will work from there.

Name: JAGeScimitar
Been gaming for awhile, Been a JAGe Admin for i dunno 2 years maybe or so. Started in the Counter Strike Section. Done this and that etc. I have not been playing a lot of games recently but we are going to get things rolling again. I am married have a baby own a house etc.

Everyone do the same.

06-06-2008, 12:18 AM
Name: Squirrley5
Detail: Used to game a lot back when I was in high school. I stopped when I got too involved in my clan (the Tie Fighter Alliance, a division of the Dark Jedi Organization; Go here (http://darkjedi.org/pages/?38) to see my special mention for the programming work I did on that site) and nearly had a nervous breakdown. Long story. At any rate, clan life is not foreign to me, though it's been 9-1/2 years. And no, this time I won't try to climb "ranks" to become the leader. I have enough of that in RL. I'll do what I'm asked as long as I'm truly the best for the job, though.

I found Ikariam while looking for free online games to play with my Linux laptop. Started trading with Scimitar (he was the only one that responded to any trade requests), and as soon as I could, I allied with him, and joined here at the same time.

In RL, I'm a 27 (and a half)-year-old. I own my own business; I do computer repair and consulting. I have been working about 10-15 hours a week to finance the church I'm starting; I'm also a minister. I'm single at the moment, only because I haven't yet met the woman God's promised me. Soon, though. It has to be soon. Or I'm just crazy and misunderstanding things. Or both. ;) I'll probably tell the story sometime. It's interesting, even if it does turn out to only be a story. But I don't think it will. :D

As a side note: While attending bible college, I was a 25-year-old among 18-year-olds, and was dating one of the instructors. As you can imagine, I got incredibly used to the "glass house" life. Everyone knew everything about what I did, because keeping things in the open and aboveboard was the only way to keep people from trying to make false accusations and sully either my or my former girlfriend's reputation. Not that they really would have; she was just paranoid that way.

In context today: I have nothing to hide, and am not afraid to go into detail about my life when asked. I'll apologize in advance if I'm too open and it offends someone. It's just part of who I am. Just ask, and I'll answer honestly.... if it's about me. Now, someone else... well, that's a different matter, and so you shouldn't expect an answer. That's the other part of being a minister: not telling other peoples' secrets. :D

Oh, and I tend to ramble a bit when I'm tired. Like when it's 11:26 at night.

JaGe Lee Harvey Oswald
08-14-2008, 12:13 PM
Name: JAGe Lee Harvey Oswald
Detail: I play counter strike, some diablo 2 and now ikariam. im 17, still going to high school and play alot of video games in my free time.