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    GrizBear (WNxGrizBear)

    Question Alot of names from the past

    I don't exactly know why I have stopped to post, however i was trolling around and remembered this place. Once i got here and seen all the names i know why i remember it. Who all is still around? I know I don't have near the time i used to have for gaming as I am sure most others who will remember do not. I would like to catch up with some though. I know Panz was here at one point, I am pretty sure Lakini was also. I have found Tribus and Proofbeer. I am also looking for DrVooDoo and Rishka but the serch for those 2 has been empty sadly to say. Anyway, Howdy to all who remember me. Hi to those who do not. If you know where I can reach any of these people please respond here and I will leave information on how to contact me.

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    so many names of people that we used to know

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