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    Its been six years....

    A very long six years. It is good to see some of you are still around. Doc and Scimmy are still here which is good to see and I am happy to see Riec has become an admin now. Though I wish I could hear Boyle rip me a new one for being gone so long (or more likely coming back haha) It is still good to see old faces and new. To those of you who don't know me, I am Ryan Kimpel, hence the name. I am getting up in the years (21) and have a little boy who is 8 months old. Other than that I have been gaming for over 11 years and played with JAGe back in 06. Since then I have played many other games including my current staple of EVE, Minecraft, League, and soon to be Bioshock Infinite. If you see me on Vent feel free to send me a message or hop in channel I would love to meet the new and see the old members of JAGe again.

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    good to see you taking an interest again

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    Good to see you Riec, How have you been?

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    wonderful im just happy that im not the only one on the forums

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