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    Fresh Breath of Air - D2 Mod Community

    I've been kind of bored the last year or so, joined a pretty active D2 clan and made a few.. maybe a dozen toon and leveled them to 85-90. But it's boring, the current state of D2 in mindless baal and/or chaos runs being botted. Maphack is kind of risky to use, botting is as safe as you can get. So overall the community is stagnant. Everyone can level and gear a toon in 24 hours to 90. So most full-time players have 3-4 accounts of characters for every other pvp build for each class. Overall, I last a month and got bored and took about a 3 month break. I need my online/multiplayer mmo/rpg fix... They I read on Reddit a rather growing community for a Diablo 2 Mod.

    This mod I speak of is called Path of Diablo, it has over 25 servers so there is little to no lag. To set up it's ridiculously easy. Without going deeply into it because going to their website will probably explain things better, I'll explain what it's all about. Community is about 2k large, split about 50/50 between HC and SC. The game is about 75% the same except they changed features that were overused in the vanilla version like every class using Enigma runeword to teleport (now a 2 second cooldown timer). A decent size list of skills you have NEVER used are now buffed. Melee can now do splash damage so single target melee skills are viable and actually some of the best builds.

    So they reason I kind of posted all of this here is that there is opportunity to grow a clan presence here. If we had a few old-timers help things along, we could grow JaG into a decent casual gamer hub like it used to be. This iteration of Diablo 2 honestly MAKES the community SLOW DOWN and play the game the correct way. They are people ALWAYS looking for rushes and help getting through the acts, manually doing runs, little to no cheating, and the economy is GREAT. Most things usable have a value, unlike vanilla D2 people only want High Runes and Elite gear.

    Their ladder just reset a few weeks ago and every difficulty is booming with games.

    Anyone have any thought?

    Their 'forums' -
    Thier website -
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    I was never really a D2 person. Good olf Starcraft and CS1.6 for me.
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    I still play with some old jage bros, I'll see if anyone else is interested i saw this on reddit a while back and thought about trying it.

    Also fuck scimitar i messaged that kid on facebook like last year he ignored me

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