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    Miss You Guys - Checking In

    Hey everyone/whoever still lurks. Thought about JAG recently and logged into the site today for the first time in a long time. Can't believe how much time has passed by, and looking through our posts was a blast from the past. This clan/community was probably one of the best group of people I encountered. No matter how much I got teased for sucking at CS, being the most likely to friendly fire his teammates on accident, being smack talked for how young I was, I truly enjoyed playing with each and every single one of you. I've learned and taken many things from just talking and playing with everyone. Reading back to everything brought laughter and some tears to my eyes. I definitely want to try and get back in touch with everyone who I've encountered over my course with JAG.

    Heard the news of Boyle when creeping one day and was shocked to hear the news. Couldn't post because I was too emotional/shocked to say anything. Boyle was probably the best e-badass around, while also being a great person and keeping things entertaining. I can say that I never had a dull moment with him around. Boyle was super outspoken and had a level head for the most part, and no matter what would help out in any situation any one was having. He also helped me grow some thick skin for sure lol. Missed the drama that Boyle and Adam would start just to shake things up here and keep this community going. My condolences go out to Sage and the rest of Boyle's family.

    Doc, thank you for starting this community and still keeping this board going. It was great to be able to look back at posts and see what this community was once was, a place for Just All Gamers.

    Would love to hear from anyone who still lurks or if anyone can help me get back in contact with our old clan mates. Scimitar, Adam, infinity, Pwny, Homey, Convict, Brad and whatever name he changed last to, Reaver, the Connecticut guys, man there were just too many to name and I am sorry if I left your name out, I can't remember everyone from the top of my head right now but I'm sure if you reached out, it'll rejog my memory

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    Dunno if you remember JAGeFuse (or osm) i cant remember what all names he used inn JAGe but he was IRL friendns with soc sol and thisisnot i stil regularly game with him.

    We have a discord me and about 9 other people chill inn (not sure if you remember the boyos from my other clan sadistic angels back in the day but its a lot of them)

    Feel free to hit me up and that goes for anyone else from jage.

    As for Scimitar, I have tried to hit him up on facebook a few times but he has ignored them all, not sure if he ever even gets online.

    Oh and Infinity if you ever browse here, Cheesy wants that steam account you and Boyle stole all them years ago LOL

    also my N key is broken and double/triple clicks a lot, im tired of editing it.

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    /wave hello

    "fuck durf he picks his nose" - Chris Boyle... you are missed.

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