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Thread: MVP for real

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    Smile MVP for real

    They should seriously wait till after the playoffs to bote for a MVP because we all know it would be #41 Dirk Nowitzki hands down instead we have crappy flashy during the season guy win it when it should be Dirk tell me your thoughts.

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    i agree i dont think sumone like Steve Nash deserves it. personally i think it should be sumone on the championship team. it also depends on what u define mvp as. if its the player u need the most then it probly wouldnt be dirk, id be more like lebron james, but i feel dirk deserves it. he cared the mavs so far and hes doing it without nash or finiley like he had a few seasons ago. anyways go mavs. lmao Karem Rush FOR MVP lawl he my fav player, dont ask why

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