Hello for those of you new to raiding or new to some of the addons, I have prepared a list of addons that are required and some that will make your life easier by far.

1. Deadly Boss Mod(Required)
2. Omen Threat Meter(Required)
3. Recount Dps Meter(Needed for those wanting to know dps)

Those are the few that every player should have.

Now on to some addons other players and users find Useful:
Healbot Continued (works great for healers)
X-Perl Unit frames. Useful for anyone who does not like Blizzards default Ui.
Addon Control Panel (allows you to enable and disable any addon while in game.)

Any other addons that anyone thinks should be added please post and we will add them to our list.. I will make a pack containing these addons and post the link Asap.