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Thread: Sotw to return?

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    Sotw to return?

    Sig of the week shall we return it? now with Facebook and twitter integration we can get some awesome ones in and even just get a graphic community going like previously and if you can't do a sig why not an avatar and well call it sig or avatar of the week

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    I'll participate.

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    I'd participate if I knew anything about making sigs hahaha.
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    This is a great idea.. We can link the voting through Facebook and maybe get some more outside people to vote, even if they don't game.. The Graphics section of the forum is for both the Community of JaG and the Clan so i don't see why not. However we do still need enough activity to get this going... aka Artists to participate as well as people to make their votes.

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    You guys should hit up google+ ... That place is swarming with artists... You can get people to participate & give intelligent feedback instead of my normal "I like blue" comment.

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    we're there its just hard to use cause its not able to link with many things
    ahhh i just found i can make managers of our google+ page so if you wanna be in charge of that its all yours
    im working on getting it to link with everything else we have

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    I don't think there are enough participants for SotW to ever return, there are usually only what, 4 participants, and 7 voters?

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